This survey is anonymous and for now, has no set end date.

Pain following hernia repair can be devastating to the patient and his loved ones. Considering how common hernias are and how many hernia repairs are performed annually, the disability caused by pain from a hernia itself and following its repair can have a very significant adverse impact on the economy. But without finding out the real picture, it would be difficult to formulate any practical solutions.

I hope this survey will help paint an accurate picture and ultimately lead to the establishment of a national registry for all types of hernias, the methods with which they were repaired and most importantly any complications/surgical errors, any medical interventions and the outcome.

Please follow the link below to Part one of the survey and if relevant to your case go on to the second part.

Part one – Medical aspects

Part two – Medico-legal aspects

Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Dr Adel H. Rateme

Retired Consultant Surgeon and a Chronic Nerve Pain Patient

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