Blog 8: Official Complaint

From: Adel Rateme
Sent: 08 June 2012 10:25:32
To: My Surgeon
Cc: …………………..
Bcc: …………………

8 June 2012

Dear …………,

I am writing this official complaint to express my grave concerns about my health and my surgical career following the open mesh repair of my left inguinal hernia you performed on me privately at ……….. on the 23rd March 2012. I have been disabled with severe neuralgic pain from the first day after the operation. The first two weeks after the operation I was bedridden and in agony despite taking maximum doses of various analgesics (Paracetamol, Voltarol, Codeine Phosphate and Tramadol). Amitriptyline was of no help, and I have never tried Gabapentin or Pregabalin because of their dreadful and scary side effects.

What is deeply upsetting and extremely disappointing is that you did not take my complaint seriously when I text message you at 10:30 on 26 March, informing you that I was suffering from ilioinguinal nerve entrapment. Had you asked me to return to theatre straight away, re-explored the wound and released the nerve, you would have spared me the extreme physical and mental pain all this time. I have been off work since the operation.

It is also very sad that despite contacting you twice you never followed-up my case and essentially left me alone to struggle trying to find someone to help me!

I have not had the ilioinguinal nerve block yet, as I am waiting to see world experts in pain management in the Denmark and the USA. If the ilioinguinal nerve block fails, they are two of a handful of world experts who can perform Triple Neurectomy.

It is now over 10 weeks since the operation, and I am becoming extremely concerned that my condition has become chronic with potential disastrous consequences on my surgical career. I have already been contacted by a member of the Breast team at ………… Hospital warning me that “Adel you are at risk of losing your job.”

Extremely disappointed and in constant pain,

Adel Rateme
Consultant General and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
……………. Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Cc. – …………… P. A. to the General Manager, ……….. Private Hospital

About the Author

Dr Adel H. Rateme
Retired Consultant General Surgeon and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

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