Blog 3: The morning from hell!

One thirty AM, Saturday 24th March 2012. A time that is imprinted in my memory with a hot iron rod. The pain was out of this world. Still groggy from the effect of the general anaesthetic, I tried to move in bed to answer nature’s call. My bladder was bursting full and I desperately needed to go. Each time I tried to shift myself in bed, I would be hit with what felt like a bolt of electricity in my left groin, as if someone had attached live electric wires to my side. My left groin was on fire, burning like hell.  As I desperately tried to turn in bed, I was paralysed with extremely sharp pain, as if a razor has been implanted in my left groin. I screamed for help. My frightened wife rushed for my help. When she saw my contorted face and my helpless state, she just froze not sure what to say or do.

I am not the kind of person who normally suffers from or complains about pain. I have been blessed by an ache-less healthy body until this day.

“I can’t move, please help me. I need to go to the toilet.”

My wife, Amna, called my daughter Alia and son Riyadh for help. Every time they tried to help me shift in bed, I would scream with pain and beg them to stop. 

I am crying as I recall and relive those terrifying moments… I need to take a break to recompose myself!





I’m back.

After many painful attempts and with the help from my family, I managed to sit by the edge of the bed. As I tried to stand up, I was hit by another bolt of electricity in my left groin. The pain was so severe it made me feel sick, and I almost fainted. On the pain score of one to ten, my pain was 9 out of 10.

When I eventually was able to walk, I could not stand upright because of the intense pain in my left groin. I had to shuffle my way to the bathroom hunched over.

The return journey was as painful, but once I was flat in bed and motionless, my pain went down dramatically.

I am usually a very heavy sleeper, and this turned out to be a real blessing for me. I shall explain further in a future post.

I woke up again at 5 O’clock in the morning. I remained frozen in bed, praying that it had all been a very nasty dream…

I will continue my story in another blog.

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Dr Adel H. Rateme
Retired Consultant General Surgeon and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

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